Starting a blog! Introduction


Hi everyone! I’m Naru

For a long time, I’ve been one of those guys who does not have a hobby. I’ve looking for one for a very long time and stumbled upon coffee brewing around Jan of 2020. I started to work from home during the Covid crisis from 2020, and the joy of taking a little break with a great cup of coffee got me really hooked on to brewing coffee myself.

As a new challenge for myself, I created this blog to share some of my coffee life. This blog will put a focus on coffee brewing at home, reviewing coffee tools and beans, sharing some how-to brew guides. For this reason, I have named this blog “comori” meaning staying at home in Japanese. I am still just a beginner to coffee brewing, but hopefully I can share some of my own views.

I’m based in Japan, but as you can probably tell, can speak English. So as a way to differentiate from other coffee blogs I will try to write my blog in both languages. If you are from outside Japan, maybe you might pick up some Japanese ways of brewing coffee. Please feel free to get in touch in English.

I hope that you will find some thing interesting or valuable in this blog. Looking forward to interacting with you!