[Extraction Parameters 4/7] Temperature : the temperature of your water


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In this first post of the coffee extraction parameter series, we will look in to brew temperatures. Please check this series summary page as well.

Parameter Basics

The temperature of the water you use to extract coffee is a very important factor in the brewing process. As you can imagine, dissolving sugar in to hot water is much easier than in cold water. The idea is exactly the same with coffee. However raising the temperature too much may lead to over-extraction which you do not want.

The rule of thumb is for darker roasts, which are easier to extract, lower temperatures in the range of about 80℃ to 85℃ is the recommendation. For lighter roasts, around 90℃ would be better.

How to adjust

Adjusting the temperature of your water with a thermometer can be a little bit finicky. A temperature controlled kettle will come in very handy.

Temperature controlled electric kettle dretec arabica 出典:dretec



When adjusting your brew temperature, you need to be aware of the heat that your brewer will take away from the water. If you are using a plastic dripper, this may not be too much of an issue. But ceramic or glass brewers will suck up a lot of heat cooling down your water from the intended temperature. For this reason, its good to preheat your brewers with hot water before you actually start brewing.

Temperature greatly affects your coffee. It’s a slightly fussy but easy parameter to adjust so I recommend trying different temperatures and checking what works for you and the specific coffee beans you have.

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