2 Small tricks to improve your TIMEMORE SLIM grinder


Hi everyone!

This is going to be an quick and easy post today.

Have you ever had beans bouncing out of your grinder when you are trying to load them? Have you wanted to reduce the retention in your grinder?

I use the TIMEMORE SLIM PLUS hand grinder every day and I am overall very happy with it. (Here are my thoughts on it)

I would like to share 2 small tricks that I use with my grinder to load the beans easier, and to reduce retention.

I use the SLIM PLUS but the tricks could be used with other grinders. Namely thin straight walled hand grinders and/or ones with a flat top. If you keep reading it should be clear if it will work on your grinder.

A trick for loading beans

As the name indicates, the SLIM PLUS is a slim thin grinder. This makes it very easy to grip, but it does pose a problem when getting your Coffee beans into the grinder. If you are not careful, it’s pretty easy to have beans hitting the grinder shaft and hopping out.

Before starting to use this trick, I was doing the beans using a spoon as in the picture.

With a little bit of getting use to, it wasn’t often that I would have beans bouncing out, but it did happen. And I did have to constantly be careful, which isn’t very nice for a smooth workflow.

The trick is to weigh your beans in the grinds catch (the part that your ground coffee ends up). Even though the diameter of the opening is the same this way it’s much easier to dose because the shaft is gone.

Once you have desired amount of beans in the grind catch, flip over the top part of the grinder and put in on top. Finally flip the two parts together to make the beans fall into the grinder. Since it’s the same diameter all the way, there is no chance of slippage.

Flip and place on top
Flip both together

The feeling of all the beans cleanly falling into place is weirdly satisfying!

You can use this trick with the TIMEMORE SLIM (which is identical to the SLIM PLUS except for the burrs), or grinders like the comandande or TIMEMORE C2 which have the same diameter top to bottom.

Trick to reduce retention

I wrote about how to combat static electricity in a different post. This will help you to get out the grounds stuck inside the grinds catch.

But it will not help you with the grinds still remaining between the burrs.

The next trick uses air pressure to push out these retrained grinds.

Take the grinds catch off so that there is a path for air to flow through the grinder. Grab the grinder and give it a few taps with the palm of your hand. The goal here is to catch some air and push it past the burrs.

You may know that electric grinders come with bellows. The aim is to do the same with your hand.

It’s a very simple thing but it actually does push out some grinds. Make sure you do this over your brewer.

This trick will work for grinders which do not have a protruding shaft.

This is all I have for today!

Will these tricks work on your grinder? Do you have any tricks you use? Hope you give them a try!