Latte Art Beginner’s Log

Espresso at Home

In this series, I will share with you my progress with Latte Art as a complete beginner. I have taken all the lattes I have poured since the very first cup.

This is part 2. (For part1, please jump over here)

I am still practicing pouring a consistent heart. This post will cover roughly 30 pours, from by 24th to 52nd.

My heart seems to be stabilizing a bit, but there are quite a few times that are pretty asymmetric.

Looking back at these pours, I feel like I am over stretching the milk a bit. There is so much foam that it does not spread like I see in tutorial videos. Mine sort of pushes out, rather than a neat flow (It’s difficult to explain).

When I see experienced baristas pour, the is a flow that makes the foam wrap around back to the spout. My pours just don’t seem to do this…

Trial 24

There’s quite a few visible bubbles, which I don’t want.

And espresso is all over the rim of the cup. This is because I’m using a bottomless portafilter. If I mess up the puck prep, espresso spurts everywhere.

Trial 25

Again a bit too many visible bubbles. Maybe too much air?

Trial 26

I have too much foam and it doesn’t flow out, It really just pushes out in all directions causing everything to go round.

Trial 27

I’m going to do some matcha latte art as well.

It’s a bit different from espresso so need to adjust to it a bit. I wrote a post about how to do this here.

Trial 28

Without the doing the trick I covered in the post, the milk foam spreads out way too much.

Trial 29

You know, it also happens with espresso.. I should not blame it on the matcha.

Trial 30

Getting a bit back on track?

Trial 31

And… no, that was a lie.

Trial 32

I was pretty into matcha latte these days. Not getting any better though…

Trial 33

I seem to do a bit better with espresso.

Trial 34

Hmmm… not good.


Nice circle! (although, that was not what I was going for)

Trial 36

Not bad?

Trial 37

The milk in this trial looks really nice. It’s smooth and not a lot of visible bubbles.

Trial 38

Getting a bit consisitent?

Trial 39

Ok, ok.

Trial 40

On the better end of my matcha lattes.

Trial 41

Can see a bit of wobble in the pour.

Trial 42

Might be the lighting, but the milk texture looks nice.

Trial 43

This also looks like quite a nice milk texture.

Trial 44

I think they call this the monk’s head.

Trial 45

Very shaky… I didn’t mean to do it.

Trial 46

From this point onward, I started taking video’s of the pour so that I can rewatch what is going wrong.

I tried rippling this time, but the foam was too thick and no ripples appeared.

Trial 47

Tried rippling again. This time with a little bit of success. It’s asymmetric though.

Trial 48

This time I gave up mid way since I could not get the foam to spread.

Trial 49

Too much foam again, so I did not try rippling.

Trial 50

I was quite happy with this one.

The trick seems to be to ripple quite slowly.

And milk texture is crucial.

Trial 51

It is so difficult. I’m rippling on this one but cant really see them in the cup.

Trial 52

The milk did not spread on this time. I tried recovering it some how, but ended up a bit misshaped.

So that’s all for part2.

I feel like I hit a wall around here. Not getting any better.

I think I need to really work on milk texture. I have not found the “correct” texture yet.

This is the difficult part of trying to learn alone. I can’t really tell what I’m doing wrong. Just have to try a lot of things.